Ptc Product Testing and Certification Quality Policy


Our services within the framework of legal regulations, taking into account customer expectations, quality and as soon as possible,


Develop and support customer-oriented, quality and creative solutions, taking into account customer requirements,


To provide a quality service understanding that will keep the information and documents obtained as a result of relations with customers with the trust and accuracy that will not be shared with any person or organization that is not authorized or related,


Maintain its activities in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Standards of Qualification of Testing and Calibration Laboratories,


To monitor and implement a policy that adopts ISO 9001, TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standards and adopts internal communication, information flow and continuous education to ensure the participation of our employees in our efforts to continuously improve our Management System.


To conduct test services in accordance with relevant standards in our laboratory, to provide accurate and reliable results to the customers as soon as possible by using the proven methods and devices,


To provide quality and creative solutions, aiming at continuous improvement by prioritizing customer satisfaction,


Our main policy.

Senior Management is committed to ensure that this policy will be communicated and understood to all employees. This policy provides a framework for objectives and is constantly reviewed.



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