What is a "CE mark"?

The CE marking is a third party conformity assessment body that conforms to these directives and is complied with by the manufacturer and his authorized representative, or by a third party conformity assessment body, if the products covered by the New Approach directives prepared under the New Approach Policy adopted by the European Union in 1985 under the technical is a Union sign indicating that it has passed all conformity assessment activities required by the notified body, etc.).


The CE Mark is symbolized as follows;

The "CE" marking is a sign indicating that the product complies with the relevant technical regulation and that, if used in accordance with the purpose of the products, human life and property safety will not harm the environment with the presence of plants and animals. The directive may be directed towards meeting some or all of these basic requirements. In addition, some of the directives requiring CE marking can be related to different dimensions from safety (eg electromagnetic compatibility, energy efficiency).


Why is ir CE marking ”important?

"CE mark", the European Union "because the compliance mandatory that some New Approach Directives within the scope of a sign placed on products, within the scope of the relevant legislation and in EU member states and of the products in Turkey will be placed on the market are required to carry this out. Other that is, the sign of the products in EU member states serves as a kind of passport functions can go to free movement. Turkey is also due to implement similar legislation harmonizing the legislation of the European Union, with the entry into force of legislation, our country carry this mark, the products will be marketed it becomes compulsory.


What is the situation in Turkey regarding CE OF THE İşaretiuygul?

Turkey customs union between the EU and that the plant's Decision 1/95 of the Association Council (OCC) 8-11. The provisions of the EU instruments on the removal of technical barriers to trade in order to ensure the free movement of goods are to be included in the internal legislation of our country. In this context, the EU's trade with the list is determined by the legislation on the removal of technical barriers to the implementation of the legislation the conditions and rules by Turkey JCC 2/97.


As a result of the works carried out under the coordination of the Ministry of Economy, the public institutions that will harmonize the said Community legislation have been determined by the Council of Ministers Decision dated 15.1.1997 and numbered 97/9196.


Within the framework of this assignment made with the decision of the Council of Ministers, some of the legislative harmonization works carried out by the relevant public institutions have been finalized and the studies of some of them continue. The updates of the EU legislation, the updates are performed in parallel by Turkey. Some EU legislation, which is included in these studies, requires the product to be marked with atı CE Bu. On the other hand, the


Our relations with the EU have taken on a new basis as well as the Customs Union after the Helsinki Summit has been granted "Candidacy for Full EU Membership". Technical legislation harmonization studies have also gained new dimensions and the number of EU technical legislation to be harmonized with the "national program" prepared in the forthcoming period has also increased. The Law on the Preparation and Implementation of Technical Legislation Regarding the Products numbered 4703, prepared by the Ministry of Economy, with the contribution of the relevant public institutions, in order to establish the legal infrastructure of the harmonized technical legislation,


Published in the Official Gazette No. 24459 of July 2001; Entered into force as of January 11, 2002. Kuruluş Regulation on Conformity Assessment Bodies and Notified Bodies etim, iştiril Regulation on the Attachment and Use of CE Conformity Mark to the Product e and Kuruluş Regulation on the Market Surveillance and Control of Products Kan, published in the Official Gazette dated 17 January 2002 and numbered 24643, Effective January 11, 2002. Another technical regulation of the law "Technical


Regulation on the European Union Notification between Legislation and Standards of Turkey ", April 3, 2002 and was published in 24 715 Official Gazette, has 3 May 2002 as entered into force. But the question of implementing regulations by law to enter into force as of 11 January 2002 , products are not mean it will also begin on this date, the CE mark affixed obligation. of products to be supplied to the domestic market from our country to be mandatory CE marking transportation, relevant Ministries and prepared by public institutions and products to CE marking in Turkey of technical legislation affixing it was necessary to enter into force. Harmonizes the directives only in order to ensure that the technical legislative alignment is applicable in practice

What happens if the CE mark is not?

In terms of our foreign trade, it is not possible to export the product which does not carry this sign to EU member countries. In terms of our domestic market, it is not possible to supply the products which do not carry the CE Mark to the market of the products which are within the scope of the product regulations which are in compliance with the legislation and have been put into force.

Which products should have this mark?

The CE Mark is used in the products included in some New Approach Directives prepared within the scope of the New Approach Policy adopted by the EU in 1985 within the framework of the technical legislation. As it is known, in order to implement the EU Directives in our country, it is necessary to supply our country's domestic legislation system through kuruluş product regulations tarafından prepared by the relevant public institutions and organizations in parallel with these directives (technical legislative alignment). It is possible to obtain the texts of the regulations that harmonize the directives from the Official Gazette, the relevant authorities or the websites of these institutions.

What are the ways to put the eler CE mark mas into the product?

How to place the CE marking on the product is indicated in the relevant directives depending on the product. The manufacturer and the authorized representative are responsible for the placing of the products on the market as CE marked. But; if the manufacturer or the manufacturer's authorized representative in the European Union or not resident in Turkey, the importer of the product "CE" mark is responsible for confirming that move. In other words, the importer must ensure that the imported products comply with EU norms. Various alternatives have been provided for the manufacturer to put this mark on the product;

For some product groups (these are generally low-risk and / or products that are relatively easy to identify, for example, some machines), compliance with the basic requirements of the directive, by the manufacturer himself, or by the use of his own testing facilities or by any other means and the CE marking of the conformity of the manufacturer with these products is put on the product by the manufacturer.


Other products (eg some medical devices and some machines) must be verified by authorized testing and certification bodies (Notified bodies) on the NANDO website. Based on this review of the notified body, the manufacturer places the CE marking on the product.

What is Notified Body? What is the function?

European Union legislation stipulates that products with a high risk of products that require CE Marking must be subject to conformity assessment by a third party, which is an expert in their field, and published in the Official Gazette of the EC before they are placed on the market. The organizations that are selected from the test, inspection and / or certification bodies which have the necessary infrastructure for testing, inspection and / or certification of these products, are published in the Official Gazette of the EC (notified body), although different terms may be used in some directives. status. Notified bodies determined by the Member States are notified to the European Commission and these lists are published in the Official Journal of the EC in order to be announced to the other Member States. The names and addresses of notified bodies operating in EU countries can be found on the NANDO website. access is possible. These organizations need to be technically competent.


Is there an approved provider in Turkey?

For the New Approach Regulations, where the harmonization of the legislation has been completed, our country has obtained the authority to appoint an notified body, such as the EU member states. It is possible to reach the Turkish approved institutions, which are commissioned and commissioned by our national authorities, on the website of our Ministry or on the European Commission's NANDO website.

Does the manufacturer have to apply to the notified body for each product?

There are cases in which the manufacturer places a CE mark on his product without a

pplying to any notified body. This is stated in the relevant directives for each product / product group. In this framework, it is of great importance that the manufacturer reviews the directives related to the products they produce and establish close relations with the public institutions that prepare and enact the relevant legislation.

Will there be a notified body for each product group in our country?

The existence of the notified bodies is entirely based on market conditions. According to the needs of the sector and the notified body potential, if the notified body is not seen as a profitable activity in the same area as the notified body may be appointed to perform more than one notified body, no notified body may be appointed in that field. In this case, certification services in this area will be provided by the notified bodies established in EU countries. These organizations may also have representative offices in our country.

What should our manufacturers do?

Our manufacturers should determine the directives / directives of their products and examine these directives and assimilate them with all their elements; if necessary, change the production line and carry out certification activities accordingly.


Does each New Approach Directive require CE Marking on the product?

No. Some of the directives prepared in accordance with the New Approach Policy do not foresee a CE marking on the product;

These product groups:

Packaging and Waste

Harmonization of Trans-European High Speed ​​Rail Systems

Marine Equipment (Ship Equipment)

Portable Pressure Equipment

Trans-European Conventional Rail Systems

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