Ptc Test ve Belgelendirme | CE Belgesi Cb Belgesi Arge Laboratuvarı.

R & D Laboratory


Perform the procedures required to verify your designed products, perform your standandart and quality tests before the product goes into mass production, thus minimizing your cost time and personnel losses. A product designed first in Europe is verified in accordance with standards. Testing is carried out in 3rd party laboratories such as PTC product testing company


Plastic parts of your lighting products Insulation and resistance to determine the conformity of the insulating product of your products with those required by IEC 60112, IEC 60238, IEC 60309-1, IEC 60320-1, IEC 60335-1 standards (CTI, Comparative Tracking Index and PTI, Proof Tracking Index ) With this device you can perform tests with high security and accuracy.


PTC Our product testing company can determine CTI (Comparative Tracking Index) and PTI (Proof Tracking Index) values ​​of the external pollution of the material in accordance with TS EN 60112 standard.


During the use of the insulating material, sediment and contamination may occur over time. This sediment and contamination become conductive under high potential difference and cause track formation. For this reason, it is a test that should be done for products that will operate under high potential difference.


PTC Product testing company TS EN 60695, TS EN 60112, UL 746A, ASTM D3638 standards in the R & D field of your products can perform all the tests.

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