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Main Products Tested in Our Laboratory

General Lighting Luminaires TS EN 60598-1 Lighting Fixtures-Part 1: General properties and experiments are continuing.


General description You can see the following list;

Indoor Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Traditional Lamps and Tubes

LED Lamps and Tubes

Lighting Electronics




















Recessed Office Luminaires

Recessed Architectural Office Luminaires

Surface Mounted Office Luminaires

Surface Mounted Architectural Office Luminaires

Downlight Fixtures


Indoor Ceiling Fixtures

Interior Appliques

Pendant Lamps

Emergency Lighting and Routing Fixtures

Indoor LED Bar

LED Strips

Switch, Socket and Group Sockets

LED lighting fixtures include LED light panels, LED garden light, LED wall washers, rope lighting and LED office lighting. Other examples include LED spotlights, LED scanners, LED denim lighting, LED tube lighting, and LED displays.

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